By Joe Magee, CEO and Co-founder

After almost four years of thinking, planning, building, and testing, today we take the wraps off Curant is a new way for freight forwarders and 3PLs to scale their financial operations through automation and digital payments.

Moving money through global trade is as old as humankind, but supply chain transactions remain in the Stone Age. And for me, it’s personal. I watched my father and grandfather, both lifelong air and ocean cargo operators, navigate the complexities of international freight.

Since then, I’ve seen firsthand how CFOs, controllers, and analysts stress over managing cash flow while operating a logistics business. These executives and operators are buried in multiple payment methods, disparate systems, and manual processes hampering the financial back office. The lack of automation causes billing errors, increased invoice aging, and slow revenue recognition.

The ongoing global supply chain volatility and uncertainty require a dedicated system to help intermediaries understand finances and cash flow more than ever before. By connecting invoices, payments, and freight data, Curant’s platform is the connective layer that reconciles and predicts payment discrepancies.

Of course, it’s the people behind the technology that make Curant so special. I’m extremely proud of the team we’ve assembled. I’m also thankful to our early investors, customers, and partners.

And today, we have even more to be thankful for as we’re announcing an investment round from with Better Tomorrow Ventures, BAM Ventures, Flexport, and Socially Financed all supporting our mission.

We couldn’t be more excited to build the future of global logistics together. Join us!

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