By Joe Magee, CEO and Co-founder

At the end of 2022, we sat down to review our company values, mission, and identity. As we took stock of our product roadmap, the value we’re driving for our customers, and the feedback from the market, we realized that we had much larger aspirations than simply being a “freight payment” product. We aim to increase the operational efficiency of all parties in the global supply chain. From reducing accounting errors, and predicting financing discrepancies to elevating the customer experience, our team has lofty goals. We wanted our brand identity to reflect that objective. Enter Curant!

As the name echos, we are building a modern finance platform for global logistics service providers. Much like water or electric currents, our platform is a powerful force to digitize your financial operations. Curant is a modern financial technology solution built for the future. We’re very excited to finally announce this rebrand. Please reach out if you’re interested in seeing the future of financial technology for global freight.

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