We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Full Advantage. When two things combine to create value beyond each individual entity, it’s a special thing. Freightpay has helped freight forwarders and 3PLs digitize payments and automate simple, repetitive financial operations. Now working with Full Advantage, Freightpay customers have access to a highly qualified team to implement and run digitization faster and more efficiently.

This partnership will leverage Full Advantage’s expertise in credit collections and financial back office management to further Freightpay’s mission to bring intelligent payments to global logistics. Our software is now available to Full Advantage customers to optimize their back office with one system.

The Full Advantage team has already helped Freightpay customers rethink financial operations from the ground up. This partnership formalizes the relationship as well as increases the availability of setup and training when an organization commits to digitizing their financial back office. We are extremely excited about the future our two organizations will create.

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